Three Cheers: Empowering Children Through Fashion

A thoughtful kids' wear brand, offering premium yet affordable products with a focus on Styles, Comfort, and Childhood. Prioritizing quality and style, the brand ensures every child feels confident and carefree in their creations—a celebration where style meets comfort to create memorable childhood experiences.


Three Cheers


Design and Branding

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Celebrating Childhood with Comfort and Style

 Three Cheers empowers every child to embrace comfort and style effortlessly, creating memories filled with laughter and joy.

The Challenge

Inspiring Confidence in a Saturated Market

 In a market filled with mainstream and emerging kidswear and lifestyle brand, Three Cheers aspires to become a leader in both comfort, quality and affordability with the vision to enable children to carry themselves with confidence throughout the day, embracing a level of comfort that resonates with every aspect of their lives.

The Solution

A Warm and Welcoming Positioning

To resonate with the target audience, we create a friendly identity and position positions Three Cheers as a fun and affordable brand, resonating the identity with an elite feeling of their premium products accessible to all.

Our Approach

A Memorable and Friendly Identity

Following the values of a “Caregiver” archetype, we create a welcoming logo and font, with a warm and vibrant color palette which resonates with the brand’s communication of warmth, comfort and reassurance.

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