Unleashing Potential: Heads Up For Tails

Heads Up For Tails (HUFT) stands as a premier petcare lifestyle brand in India, with a widespread retail network extending across 15 cities with over 75 stores. With a legacy of 15 years, HUFT offers an extensive range of over 400 innovative products, establishing itself as a trusted destination for pet parents nationwide.


Heads Up For Tails


Public Relations

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A Haven for Pet Parents

 HUFT is not just a brand; it’s a haven for pet parents, providing comprehensive solutions for dogs, cats and small animals. From food and treats to toys, walking accessories and supplements, HUFT addresses all pet needs under one roof.

The Challenge

Navigating a Crowded Market

Despite its pioneering presence and a vast array of premium products, HUFT faced challenges in carving a distinctive identity amidst a burgeoning and competitive petcare market in India. The brand required a refined communication strategy to connect effectively with its audience and convey its essence compellingly.

The Solution

Strategic Storytelling & Engagement

Bold & Beyond devised a tailored approach to bridge the communication gap, focusing on crafting engaging brand stories and narratives that positioned HUFT as the ultimate destination for pet needs. Through strategic media interactions, influencer engagements and brand collaborations, we enhanced HUFT’s media presence and fostered a strong community of pet parents.

Our Approach

Crafting a Tailored Narrative

Body - Our multi-faceted communication strategy involved exclusive media interactions highlighting HUFT’s journey and commitment, authored articles showcasing thought leadership, region-focused media outreach for store openings, their brand new IP ‘Wag Away” and campaigns and strategic influencer partnerships. This comprehensive approach not only amplified HUFT’s reach but also solidified its reputation and influence in the pet care sector, making it a beloved brand among pet enthusiasts.

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