With more than 1000 events till date ranging from night markets, live music shows, concerts, comedy nights, music festivals and much more! In August 2020, SteppinOut was acquired by India’s largest dining out platform - DineOut. The acquisition was a step forward in creating memorable experiences while expanding Dineout’s overall value proposition to consumers across India. This enabled in creating a first-of-its-kind experience for our users — with Dineout hosting thousands of restaurant partners, and SteppinOut hosting new and innovatively curated events. Rooted in diversity all while maintaining quality, all SteppinOut’s experiences are crafted with intimate attention, impressive detail and an immense amount of love. As of 2022 SteppinOut partnered with delivery aggregator giant Swiggy to further expand their consumer base and curate dynamic experiences across the country for their consumer base.




Public Relations

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Bringing India’s most exclusive events and experiences to a city near you

SteppinOut embodies a unique concept in the events and experiences space. With a focus on diversity and meticulous curation, the brand offers a wide range of exceptional experiences that cater to discerning individuals. From night markets to food festivals, comedy nights to live music shows, each event is a carefully crafted endeavor, distinct from the other.

The Challenge

Raising brand awareness in the market about Steppinout and it’s positioning + footfalls:

Before we took over SteppinOut's PR in 2021, the events and experiences industry was already saturated with numerous event companies offering a wide array of activities. At that time, SteppinOut was primarily focused on mid-scale events, encompassing diverse offerings such as night markets, food festivals, comedy nights, live music shows and more.

However, there was a noticeable gap in establishing SteppinOut as a brand with a portfolio of distinct Intellectual Properties (IPs). Each experience was meticulously curated, tailored to cater to the discerning tastes of our audience. Our challenge was to create a comprehensive awareness campaign that would spotlight the breadth and depth of SteppinOut's offerings, while also driving foot traffic to each of these unique IPs not just in Metro but tier 2 cities aswell.

The Solution

Strategic Media Outreach & Influencer Engagement:

To get the brand and each of its IP large scale awareness required a strategic approach to not only showcase the diversity of experiences but also to underscore the brand's commitment to delivering exceptional events, each one carefully crafted to stand out in its own right. 

Our strategic plan involved a multi-faceted approach, combining both contemporary and conventional methods.

Our Approach

Amplification Through Multi-Channel Exposure:

We embarked on a comprehensive strategy that included a precisely targeted outreach to both new age and traditional media channels, ensuring that SteppinOut's message reached the widest possible audience. We also harnessed the power of Influencers and KPI’s, establishing meaningful engagements that further propelled the brand's visibility and credibility in the market. It led to extensive press coverage in esteemed publications, as well as endorsements from influencers, key performance indicators and even celebrities. This surge in attention catapulted the brand's event attendance from 3,000 to an astounding 30,000.

Furthermore, this PR success paved the way for significant brand expansion. Starting as Steppinout, we evolved into Steppinout by Dineout, and subsequently, Swiggy Steppinout. This remarkable journey underscores the transformative impact of our PR efforts on the brand's growth and reach.

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