Kyba: Elevating Pan-Asian Delights

Kyba is a culinary gem in Bangalore, offering a delightful spread of dishes from China, Japan and Thailand. With a cozy ambiance, charming decor and a menu that’s a treat to the senses. Kyba is the go-to destination for pan-Asian cuisine aficionados.




Design and Branding

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Asian Fusion Mastery

Kyba celebrates the rich and diverse flavors of pan-Asian cuisine, presenting a menu that’s a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary, with each dish crafted to offer a unique taste experience.

The Challenge

Crafting a Distinctive Brand Identity

With the pan-Asian dining scene being competitive, Kyba needed a brand identity that not only reflected its culinary excellence but also resonated with its target audience, making it stand out in the bustling food landscape of Bangalore.

The Solution

Branding with Flavor

We undertook Kyba’s branding, packaging and social media launch, infusing each element with the restaurant’s vibrant and sophisticated character. From designing visually striking packaging to crafting engaging social media content, we ensured Kyba’s brand presence was as delightful and captivating as its offerings.

Our Approach

Visual Culinary Tale

Through a combination of enticing photography, creative social media posts and reels. We told Kyba’s story in a way that was visually appealing and engaging, drawing in patrons and providing them with a glimpse of the exquisite dining experience awaiting them at Kyba.

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