Constructing Excellence: Cornerstone

Cornerstone, with over ten years of expertise, stands as a premier developer in India, meticulously crafting spaces that are innovative, sustainable and integrated, reflecting a commitment to excellence and sustainability.




Design and Branding

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Innovation Meets Sustainability:

Cornerstone is devoted to creating spaces that are not only avant-garde in design but also embody sustainability at their core, offering a harmonious blend of modern living and environmental responsibility.

The Challenge

Navigating a Dynamic Market:

In the competitive landscape of real estate, Cornerstone required a unique brand identity that would effectively communicate its commitment to innovation, quality and trust in the marketplace.

The Solution

Distinctive Branding for Cornerstone Maybury:

For the Cornerstone Mayberry project, we crafted a unique branding strategy that included the design of a distinctive logo, stationary and a comprehensive brochure. Each element meticulously designed to reflect the project’s exclusivity and allure.

Our Approach

Holistic Social Media & Branding Strategy:

We developed engaging social media content and led a branding initiative for Cornerstone Mayberry, creating a logo, stationary and brochure. Each element was meticulously designed to encapsulate Cornerstone's essence, ensuring a consistent and compelling narrative across all platforms. We continue to craft creatives for their social media, embodying commitment, innovation, quality and trust in the marketplace, fortifying their esteemed presence.

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