Paper & Pie: Café Culture Redefined

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Indiranagar, Paper & Pie isn’t just another café. It’s a sanctuary of comfort, taste and creativity. With its home-like ambiance, delectable menu and a community of like-minded individuals. It’s a canvas for ideas, a meeting point for thinkers and the go-to place for comfort food and perfect brews.


Paper & Pie


Design and Branding

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Where Ideas Brew with Coffee

Paper & Pie is conceived as a haven for creators and enthusiasts alike. With exclusive spaces like Podcast and Conference rooms, it’s designed for people to eat, talk, create and collaborate. It’s not just about serving food; it’s about serving experiences, fostering a community and providing a space where creativity knows no bounds.

The Challenge

Standing Out in the Crowd

In a locale teeming with cafes and eateries like Indiranagar, carving a unique identity was crucial. With competitors like Aaraku, Third Wave and Starbucks, Paper & Pie needed to not just fit in but stand out, emphasizing its unique offerings and establishing itself as the hub for Bangalore’s creative community.

The Solution

Crafting Identity with Precision

To resonate with the creative community, we create a minimal yet significant identity with a  palette that has been designed to give a bold and exciting direction to the brand, offering flexibility in conception online and in print.

With a USP centered around fostering community, we designed a menu that goes beyond cafe staples, offering full meals that encourage guests to spend the entire day, engaging and creating in a space that mirrors their artistic and culinary aspirations.

Our Approach

Strategizing Success, Creatively

A holistic approach where we weave a strategy that encompasses social media, PR, on-ground activations and a consistent communication tone. The social media strategy was meticulously crafted to echo the brand’s vision through reels and grids, while offline activities balanced between the creative and coffee industry, offering something for everyone, thereby highlighting the USPs effectively and establishing Paper & Pie as the nexus of creativity and comfort in Bangalore.

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