Boteco: A Brazilian Culinary Carnival

The Brazilian Brilliance Boteco brings the heart and soul of Brazil to Bangalore. It fills the city's Brazilian cuisine void, offering a delightful array of traditional dishes and drinks. With its vibrant atmosphere, Boteco doesn’t just serve food; it offers a rich, cultural experience, embodying the warmth and liveliness of Brazilian neighborhood bars.




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A Taste of Brazil in Bangalore

Boteco is more than a restaurant; it's a cultural rendezvous. The 100-seater space is adorned with Brazilian aesthetics, from colorful interiors to captivating artworks, reflecting the country’s vibrant culture and traditions. The menu is a carnival of flavors, featuring traditional Brazilian BBQ, seasoned pork sausages and the iconic Caipirinha.

The Challenge

Crafting a Unique Brazilian Identity

In a city bustling with diverse culinary offerings, establishing Boteco as the go-to destination for authentic Brazilian cuisine was a challenge. The goal was to create a distinct brand identity that resonated with the authenticity and vibrancy of Brazil's rich cultural and culinary landscape.

The Solution

Unleashing the Tropical Rainforest Theme

To encapsulate Boteco’s essence, a tropical rainforest theme was chosen, weaving in elements of flora and fauna. This theme resonated through various collaterals, from social media to in-house materials, creating a cohesive and enchanting brand narrative.

Our Approach

Social Media & Design Symphony

We curated social media posts and stories and campaigns that echoed the restaurant’s vibrant aura. The design, inspired by the tropical rainforest, was infused into various elements like menus and tent cards, ensuring that every touchpoint narrated a piece of the Brazilian tale. Through strategic storytelling and design, we helped Boteco flourish as Bangalore’s Brazilian culinary gem.

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