10 speakeasy: Elegance and Cocktails

Nestled secretly behind a commonplace paan shop in Bangalore's vibrant center, 10 Speakeasy isn't just a bar—it's a whispered legend, a clandestine celebration of the exquisite and the exclusive. As the city's pioneer in offering a concealed, speakeasy-style cocktail haven, it has not only garnered intrigue but has masterfully sustained an allure that keeps patrons coming back for more.


10 speakeasy


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Cocktails Cloaked in Mystery: The 10 Speakeasy Experience

With a nod to the clandestine and thrilling allure of historical speakeasies, 10 Speakeasy revives and refines the concept of a hidden bar. It’s not merely about serving drinks; it’s about serving an experience steeped in secrecy, surprise and sophistication, making each visit a unique narrative of its own.

The Challenge

Standing Out Without Being Seen

In a city brimming with visible and vocal competitors, the challenge for 10 Speakeasy was to become the talk of the town without being in plain sight. The brand needed to spark curiosity and draw patrons in, all while maintaining its essential characteristic: Secrecy.

The Solution

Whispers of Elegance: Our Campaign for 10 Speakeasy

Through a meticulously crafted social media and PR strategy, we generated buzz without unveiling too much. With tantalizing glimpses into the 10 Speakeasy experience, media coverage that teased rather than told, and influencer marketing that created whispers and rumors, we turned the brand into Bangalore’s best-kept secret.

Our Approach

Crafting Intrigue: A Subtle Yet Powerful Campaign

Our work encompassed a range of services, including crafting engaging social media content, designing a visually compelling grid, executing influential marketing campaigns and securing valuable media coverage. Each piece of content was designed not just to inform, but to entice, tease and intrigue, building a sense of anticipation and exclusivity around the 10 Speakeasy brand.

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