Unveiling Rhythms: Record Room

Record Room isn’t just a bar; it’s a symphony of vinyl records, craft beer and community vibes. A unique space where the retro charm of vinyl and the contemporary allure of craft beer compose a melody of unforgettable experiences.


Record Room


Design and Branding

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Crafting Aesthetic Resonance

Designed with a DIY aesthetic by George Attokaran of Atto Atelier, Record Room is a canvas of creativity, from wooden chandeliers showcasing vinyl art to Enzo Mari-inspired furniture, embodying a harmonious blend of vintage vibes and modern muse.

The Challenge

Navigating the Unique

In a market saturated with conventional bars, the challenge was to accentuate Record Room’s unique concept and offerings, ensuring it doesn’t just blend into the background but stands out as a distinctive brand.

The Solution

Designing the Distinct

Our design strategy aimed to amplify the brand’s unique essence through social media posts, packaging and tent cards that resonate with the brand’s harmonious blend of retro and contemporary vibes.

Our Approach

Visual Symphony

We orchestrated a visual narrative that echoes the brand’s ethos, crafting designs that speak the language of music, community and craft, ensuring that the brand’s presence is felt, heard and celebrated in the market.

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