Unveiling Grandeur: Ayatana Resorts

Founded in 2018, Ayatana Hospitality has emerged as a beacon of luxury and innovation within the resort and hotel industry. Initially launched as Ayatana, Coorg, the brand has expanded its horizons with a steadfast commitment to delivering unmatched guest experiences. Ayatana seamlessly blends the essence of traditional Indian culture with contemporary luxury, offering a unique stay that guests can’t find elsewhere.


Ayatana Resorts


Public Relations

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Strategic Communication Post-Pandemic

Ayatana faced significant challenges post-pandemic, having shut down and restarted operations without robust PR communication since its inception. The brand needed to regain its voice in the media and maintain momentum for its property launches. Through strategic PR and unique storytelling, Ayatana not only regained its share of voice in the media but also successfully navigated through these challenges, continuing to draw attention to its luxurious resorts and unique properties.

The Challenge

Strategic Communication and Storytelling

Ayatana Coorg had been drawing customers organically without engaging in PR communication for its first three years. The global pandemic presented two distinct challenges: reassuring potential guests about safety and regaining Ayatana’s share of voice in the media. Strategic communication themes and storylines were crucial in addressing these challenges, effectively piquing media interest and positioning Ayatana as a safe and appealing destination.

The Solution

Crafting a Positive Image

 Faced with unique communication challenges brought on by the pandemic, Meraki was tasked with devising a strategy to create a positive image for Ayatana Coorg and position it as the go-to property. The core objective was to communicate themes of safety, mental health, staycation and secure getaway to the right target audience effectively.

Our Approach

Bridging the Gap

Meraki took on the challenge of fortifying Ayatana Hospitality's communication strategy post-pandemic with clear objectives and themes. Through strategic messaging, media outreach and online engagement, Meraki bridged the gap between Ayatana and its audience, facilitating the brand's growth and resilience during challenging times. The primary goal was to craft and disseminate a reassuring narrative centered on safety, sustainability and flexibility, establishing Ayatana as a trusted brand.

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