The Leela Palace: Luxury Embodied

The Leela Palace Bengaluru is a beacon of unparalleled luxury, set within nine acres of flourishing gardens and embodying a palace's grandeur. Nestled within its premises are hidden gems of international excellence: Le Cirque Signature for Franco-Italian luxury dining, ZLB23, a Kyoto speakeasy and Zen, a Pan Asian restaurant. Together, they redefine India's luxury dining landscape, offering a wide spectrum of cultural flavours and experiences.


The Leela Palace


Public Relations

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Crafting Experiences

Within its diverse array of restaurants, The Leela Palace Bengaluru orchestrates transformative journeys, whisking guests away to distinct corners of the globe. Le Cirque Signature evokes romantic Parisian evenings, ZLB23 offers a Prohibition-era escape and Zen tantalizes with authentic Pan Asian cuisine, each delivering a unique cultural voyage through culinary artistry.

The Challenge

Meeting Evolving Tastes

Within the enchanting world of The Leela Palace, renowned for its luxury accommodations, a unique challenge emerged - how to spotlight the diverse array of world-class dining experiences available under one roof. Our endeavor was to ensure that within this single location, guests could embark on a culinary journey that matched international standards, elevating their overall experience.

The Solution

International Chef & Bar Takeovers

The Leela Palace Bengaluru's innovative approach brought international culinary maestros to Le Cirque for paired dinner and Zen for sit-down dinner, while also hosting acclaimed global bars at ZLB23, introducing India to renowned global flavors. This initiative not only catered to well-traveled Indians but also fostered a collaborative environment for local and international chefs and mixologists, elevating gastronomic appreciation and firmly placing Bengaluru on the global dining map.

Our Approach

Strategic Communication & Engagement

Bold & Beyond's strategic communication plan amplified The Leela Palace Bengaluru and its restaurants, Le Cirque Signature, Zen and ZLB23, through exclusive media interactions, HNI engagements, event listings and influencer engagement. This established them as quintessential landmarks in Bengaluru's luxury and creative dining scene.

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